Horses & Humans

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Horses & Humans

Elzette van Zyl Counselling and Journey’s End Horseback Rides are once again presenting the Horses and Humans Programme at Journey’s End. This programme is aimed at learners from age plus minus 6 up to Grade 12.

The magic in the interaction of humans and animals needs to be experienced by all young people, especially when it is in a beautiful and natural setting such as Journey’s End. The nobility of horses adds its powerful stamp on this experience as the participants learn about their lives and needs, and are shown the benefits and responsibilities in the interaction of humans and horses.

This is serious fun that has a special purpose of teaching aspects of communication, interdependence, and development of the individual. Starting with learning about the care of horses before being taught about how humans interact with these animals, it culminates in a horseback outride through the hills and valleys of the farm and its excellent views. Expect a hands-on time in the company of other young people that will give you something to tell everyone about.

The programme is presented in English and Afrikaans. Contact Elzette at (082) 772 2626 or email her at

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