Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear for riding?

Slacks, loose fitting pants, comfortable closed shoes like hiking boots or sneakers. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Do I have to wear a hat?

You do have to wear protective headgear, we have riding hats of all sizes.

I am quite tall, do you have a horse that will suit me?

Yes we have horses that will suit your height.

I have just turned 40 and want to start riding. Am I too old?

Of course not. Our oldest rider is 56 and started riding when she was 54!

My daughter has just started riding, where do I buy her riding clothes?

Horse and Hound in the Circle Centre in Somerset West. Phone Number (021) 852 3850. The ladies are extremely helpful and knowledgeable and will assist you in getting the right boots, hat and riding slacks and they have great ideas for birthdays and Christmas too! Your dogs will also love the treats and toys they have.

Is there a weight limit when I want to join an outride?

Yes, the maximum weight our horses can carry is 90 kg.

I have never been on a horse before, but will love to go on an outride.

We have well mannered gentle horses that will suit you. We will ride to the pace you feel comfortable with. We can even take you on a lead until you feel relaxed enough to ride on your own.

Do you do tailor-made outrides?

Yes, contact us well in advance, tell us what you want and we can do our best.

How many people can go on an outride?

Six or more. It all depends on how many kids and how many adults. If you let us know the level of riding experience and the size, we can match everyone up to horses and ponies that will suit them.

Do you do Western or English riding?

English riding, we use leather general purpose saddles.

I can ride and would like to have a good canter, will I have to walk all the way if there are other people who can't ride?

We take guides along and split into groups. The people who can ride can then set their own canter pace and the beginners can continue at a walk, well away from the faster moving horses.

I would love to send my daughter on a camp, but I'm not too sure of the sleeping over.

You are welcome to pick your daughter up in the evening and have her back early the next morning. If you are worried about the supervision, apart from Suzelle and Keren, there are older girls who work at the camp to keep an eye on the children and lend a hand where necessary.

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